LDOCE Plus is no working on iOS 17.2

The app doesn’t operate properly on my iPhone 13 anymore. I looks like it happened right after the latest iOS

update to  17.2 version. Definitions window of words is blank.As an experiment we installed the same app onto my friend’s iPhone 11 with the previous version of iOS then we updated iOS to 17.2 version and the app ceased to operate properly as well.

In the Apple support service offered me to contact the app support service. They haven’t respond over a month.

LDOCE Plus is no working on iOS 17.2

Hi Studigrad,

I’ve got the same problem as you. However I did not contact the tech support this time (I did successfully in the past) but decided to see if the app is still listed on the AppStore and when the latest update was and when I found LDOCE (InApp) on the AppStore the first words of the description for the app were:

“To use with iOS17.2, download the example sentence sound files to fix definition display.

“About” > Settings > “Contents” > “Example Sentence Sounds” tap ‘InApp Restore’

Once I downloaded the Example Sentence Sounds the app started working as before.

I hope this helps.

LDOCE Plus is no working on iOS 17.2





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